Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mon. afternoon
15 Dec. 1969

Things still continue to be very hectic here!! I flew twice yesterday afternoon, and the second time, we had to divert to Ubon (hooray, finally!) because of low fuel and bad weather at Chu Lai!

We got to Ubon about 1930, spent the night and came back this morning at 1000. The bad thing about it was that I didn’t have any money and had to borrow some from the skipper who was leading the hop. We ate dinner at their beautiful officer's club. I had a delicious sea food platter!

Then we went shopping at a jewelry shop that sells real fine jewelry at a good price. But I didn’t have the money to buy anything. I did buy a tapestry thing for my wall for $2.00 just so I’d have a souvenir of Thailand. I’ve been scheduled for another “manual” mission tonight which will divert if it goes out.

The weather is really bad and these "manual" missions are flown so far away that we get too low on fuel to come back here. If I do divert again tonight, I’ll have to borrow more money. I’m going to pay it back at the end of the month.

Ubon was just great, from the stand point of not being in country. The AFB itself is real nice with all luxuries! The town itself is kind of ratty. We stayed in town at the Ubol Hotel because they don’t have facilities on base for visiting officers like us! I really don’t want to go back tonight because of the money it takes and also because I’d miss our squadron party tonight. However, if I go to the party, that will also cost me a lot of money!

I didn’t get any mail yesterday, and the mail hasn’t come yet today. I’m writing this now, while I’m ODO.

I haven’t been in my hooch since noon yesterday! So I haven’t shaved or brushed my teeth since them! If I fly tonight, I intend to take my divert gear with me! I.e. shaving gear, toothbrush, etc.

I didn’t go to the orphanage today, because no one went because of the bad weather and operations being so messed up.

The reason things are so hectic is because hops are being “held” because of bad weather which throws everything off. Take yesterday morning! I got up at 0430 for a 0530 brief (after 4 hrs sleep) but we didn’t get to fly until afternoon! We were on a weather hold all morning long. Weather is really bad news in this business!

Mail just came and I got 2 letters. Also got cookies and myself and 5 guys here in the ready room ate all but 4 of them in 15 minutes! Everyone raved about how good they are!! They taste just as fresh as if I’d eaten them at home.

Photo - Thailand barber shop.

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