Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunday night
23 Nov. 1969

This has been a pretty good day, although tiring. I got off the base today for the first time since I’ve been here. Doesn’t sound like much, but you don’t just go off base here anytime you want to.

I went to an orphanage about twenty miles north of here, at Tam Ky, with about sixteen enlisted men. This orphanage is sort of a squadron project and a truck goes up each Sunday afternoon to visit the kids! It’s a combination church, school, and orphanage and appears to be doing a good job. I took a lot of pictures and I can’t wait to get them back.

It was really something being outside the safe boundaries of the base! We were actually out where the war is being fought, out amongst the people. On the whole, the people appear to live somewhat like the Mexicans do. Maybe not quite so poor as the Mexicans. All the people along the roads and in the villages appeared to be genuinely friendly and I saw no signs of dislike toward us. Even the smallest of the children would wave to us as we drove by.

I hope to get off base more often like that. When we go out there, we have to wear our protective vests and carry our weapons, just in case we should be ambushed. But I never felt afraid, just excited. The highway was just as good as some back in the states.

Believe it or not, we got stopped by the MPs who patrol the highway, and the driver of the truck got a ticket for speeding!! Can you imagine it! There we were out in the country in a war zone just sitting on the side of the road while that MP. took his good ole time writing out a speeding ticket!! It was funny to the point of hilarity!

Other than the trip, this has been a pretty dull Sunday. I had the duty this morning from 0600-0900, and didn’t fly at all today. This is the first day since I got back from the Philippines that I haven’t flown. Then tonight we had a floor show at the club (also charcoal steaks). The show was the same as always, a rock and roll band with go-go girls.

For some reason I’m having trouble sleeping good over here! I have trouble getting to sleep, then I have weird dreams and wake up a lot during the night! I’m just unable to relax and really sleep soundly, I can’t figure what the is problem.

Photo -author with orphan.

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  1. I also went to Tam Ky. I took tons of pictures. My wife destroyed a lot of my stuff when I got back state side but I still have many photos.
    I am so grateful you have opened this blog. I can now share a lot of it with my family. I heard that after Tet the school was destroyed.
    I had a whole new perspective of the Vietnamese after that. I went on to play Santa state side for the refugees.