Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monday Night
8 Dec. 1969

Today I got two packages and a letter! The packages were the lamp and pictures. The lamp is great and so are the tootsie rolls, book, soap, and powder.

Today has been another long hard day. I flew a TPQ this morning, then a BARCAP tonight. The BARCAP briefed at 1545 and we got back at 2200. So I got no supper at all. And the lunch I had was awful! It was chili and I didn’t eat very much, so I’m about to starve!

I’ve got plenty of candy, etc to eat, but I’m hungry for a hamburger!! Just think, if I was home, I could get in the car and go to the nearest drive-in!

We take the hot pad tomorrow for the next 5 days, so things are really going to be miserable. They always are on the hot pad.

I left home seven weeks ago. Leaves 45 weeks to go. Ten and a half months. I just don’t know if I can last! It’s a good thing I have R and R to look forward to, and maybe Japan.

Bad weather moved in again today and is due to stay for several days. So, more rain. I hate it!!!

Photo - Chapel and post office, Chu Lai

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