Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tuesday afternoon
25 Nov. 1969

This has been a fairly dull day, and really don’t have to much to write about. I’ve been on the hot pad since 0600 and didn’t get to fly because of the weather. This is the third day now that I haven’t flown!

The bad weather continues the same, making flying just about impossible. I didn’t get any letters today, but then, no one did! I did get two packages! Soap and hankies, two books, some homemade candy of some kind (good), a can of mixed nuts, and some newspapers. It’s funny how some days we get letters, then other days we get packages! This candy is sort of like fudge, but not like anything I can ever recall eating before. It’s very good. Just two days ago I was wanting candy, now I have plenty!

The rumors are stronger everyday that all F-4s will pull out sometime during the next few months. Just when and where to, I’m afraid to even speculate about. Just have to wait and see.

We finally got some cokes in at the PX so I bought a case of them. Russ has an icebox and I’m putting them in it. We call ice boxes “reefers” over here for short. Maybe if I ever get a roommate we’ll buy one together, but I can’t see spending the money by myself. They have small reefers for sale at the PX for about $80 or $50 depending on the size. They are only three to four feet tall, with a small ice compartment. Real neat for over here.

All this candy plus cokes and a steady diet of milk, meat, potatoes, gravy, and ice cream means I’m gaining weight!! I’ve just about made a resolution that starting tomorrow I’m going to work out in the weight room every day, if possible! I’ve made this resolution before, then get lazy but I’m going to try once again!

Photo - pilot dressed for combat mission, with mickey mouse ears.

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