Friday, September 4, 2009

Monday night
24 Nov.1969

Another day is gone. I was on the hot pad all afternoon and had to sit in my flight gear for six hours and didn’t even get to fly! The weather is so bad here in I Corps that no one was flying much.

A real cold front moved in here last night and is expected to stay for three or four days. The wind is blustery and cold, there has been a constant chilly rain all day long and it’s been about 60 degrees all day! That’s cold for here! The head of that orphanage commented yesterday on how cool it was getting.

We launched seven planes today, and five of them diverted to Ubon, Thailand because the weather was to bad to land here. Ubon is our primary divert field when the weather is to bad at Danang to go there, because the Air Force has F-4s there and can work on ours, if need be. Ubon is 225 miles west of Chu Lai. I wouldn’t mind diverting over there, except I really don’t have enough money right now.

The last two times I’ve flown, we bombed in the area between the 140 degree and 210 degree radials about 20 miles out from Danang. That is in the Hoi An river valley.

Photo - celebrating a pilot's 100th mission.

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